Hola, my name is Ina!

Hi I'm Ina, the creator of @mylymediary, @inadayle + @inadayleskin.

My Lyme Diary started out in 2014 as a way for me to share my journey with Chronic Lyme Disease while still spreading hope, positivity and love. I strive to share my story authentically and keep it as raw as possible while still shining a light on the silver lining in everything. 

I like to see the positive in each day, no matter how bad it gets, because each day we're able to fight is a gift. 


I have a lot of exciting things planned for you here; I will be writing about the obstacles I face daily, tips for living (and chasing your dreams) with a chronic illness, organic living tips and recipes, some videos (if I get the guts to!) but most exciting, I'll be featuring badass people who continually inspire me. 

Thank you for following along, and don't forget to share your story. Each time you do, you inadvertently inspire someone else to do the same.  

If nothing else, I hope when you come to my site, you're inspired to never, ever give up.